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The BTTC Tuition and Training Centre offer Saturday morning tutoring in Maths, English, Reading and Reasoning, to small groups of children from the age of 5 - 16.

What we do:

Children are individually assessed during their initial two or three weeks of attendance and a plan of action devised. Some pupils come in order to prepare for certain Public School entrance examinations, 7+, 11+ or GCSE's, while others come simply to give them more practice in 'basic skills' so as to reinforce what they are already learning or will learn in schools. We also help children who may be experiencing specific difficulties in certain areas of learning. Other children who are doing exceptionally well may want to prepare for scholarships. BTTC offers an encouraging, motivating environment to bring out the best in your child whatever their ability.

Call 0800 0748445
or 020 8597 9039

We also offer


For adults and children
Beginners and intermediate
Courses will concentrate on speaking and listening

In a 6-week course (Saturday mornings 10:00 - 12:00) you can expect:

  • to improve your writing skills to maximize your marks for key stage 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • to use a wider range of vocabulary
  • have revised basic grammar
  • and have achieved greater fluency in speech.

The course is adapted for people who only want to speak better English.

Call 0800 0748445
or 020 8597 9039

Session Times:

The tuition is over a two-hour session, 10am to 12 noon, with a ten minute break for a drink (supplied by BTTC). Parents are welcome to speak to their child's teacher at the end of the session (time permitting). The Tuition Centre will provide folders, exercise books, worksheets, calculators, rulers, pens, pencils etc.

Terms and Conditions:

Our fees are £ 20 for a two-hour session, payable four weeks in advance. There will be a reduction of £1 for more than one child in the family. A deposit of £20 is required, which is refunded when the child leaves. One-week notice of leaving is required. We do not charge for sessions when the Tuition Centre is not open (only a few Saturdays in the year - at Christmas and Easter). Any dates of closure will be displayed well in advance. We will allow two absences in every quarter year period, e.g. 1st January to 31st March , any more than two absences, for any reason will be charged at half rate of £10.

Fees may be paid in cash or by cheque on Saturday mornings before the session commences. To save queuing some parents may prefer to send their child with the fees in a clearly marked envelope.

You can call (0800 0748445 or 020 8597 9039) or email ( us for a FREE assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses.


Contact Information

The BTTC Tuition Centre is located at:
208 Clayhall Avenue 
Ilford, Essex

Our telephone number is: 0800 0748445 or 020 8597 9039


Map of area wher BBTC Tuition is. The red pointer shows the position of the center

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